How to win

When does the competition run?

The Little Pitch runs during October and November 2016 and closes with The Little Pitch Final in December 2016 as follows:

  • Month 1 - The competition opens for entries from 12pm, Saturday 1st October to 12pm, Monday 31st October
  • Month 2 - The competition opens for entries from 12pm, Tuesday 1st November to 12pm, Wednesday 30th November
  • Month 3 - 13th December 2016, The Little Pitch Final at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus. Save the date!

How do I win a monthly prize?

There are two ways to be crowned a winner in the October and November run:

Route 1:
Get as many votes as possible

Once your idea is live on The Little Pitch website run your own social media campaign and get people to vote for it. Be aware that the only valid votes for the competition are those made via The Little Pitch website and shown on the bespoke voting counter that appears under each entry. To place a vote, the user must visit The Little Pitch website and click on the voting button, they will then be asked to log in with Facebook. Once the user has logged in to their personal Facebook account, they are able to click on the "vote now" button. Please note that each user can vote for multiple ideas, however can only vote for an individual idea once. Twitter tweets or retweets as well as Facebook likes, comments, shares, and other actions completed on the Entrants personal Twitter and/or Facebook accounts will not be counted as votes.

At the end of the month, the idea with the most votes will win £140, a certificate and a place to pitch at The Little Pitch Final.

Route 2:
Impress our judges

Each month a special guest judge will sort through the best of the rest and pick his or her favourite idea which will also win £140, a certificate and a place to pitch at The Little Pitch Final.

They will also select 3 runners-up who will each receive a certificate and place to pitch at The Little Pitch Final and maybe get the cash prize this time!

The competition judges will be looking for submissions that combine a highly innovative business idea with a clear commercial opportunity.


If you are lucky enough to have been a winner or a runner-up in the October or November rounds of the competition, you’ll have a place to pitch at The Little Pitch Final in December.

Just prepare a clear engaging 1-minute elevator pitch and pitch this in front of a live audience at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus. The audience will judge which idea deserves the final prize of £100. You see, great things can happen in only one minute!

Not sure what an elevator pitch is? Need help with it? A workshop session will be run in early December to help you develop your pitch.

What could I win?

At the end of each month in October and November, two ideas will receive £140 and an official certificate with a further 3 runners-up who will also receive a certificate.

The best October and November entries (winners and runners-up) will then be invited to pitch their idea at The Little Pitch Final in December for their chance to win a further one-off prize of £100


2 ideas will receive £140 and a Little Pitch t-shirt


3 runners-up will also win a Little Pitch t-shirt

got a good idea? what are you waiting for?



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This Involves students at the heart of these activities including, (but not limited to): Be Your Own Boss Seminars; Entrepreneurship Support Programmes and our Business Planning competitions – The Little Pitch and The Big Pitch that provides seed funding and mentoring as part of the university’s student enterprise agenda. And by building on cutting edge research and engaging with external organisations including: SME’s, Public and Private sector organisations will develop a programme that engages students in real life activities.