How to enter

To enter the competition all you need to do is think-up a great idea (and name) for a new business and then submit this, in 140 characters or fewer, via The Little Pitch website, using the following format:

The ONLY xxx that does xxx for xxx

For example: The ONLY competition that encourages entrepreneurial thinking for students at ARU!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have an MBA-level business plan or oodles of market research to back-up your idea. All you need is a good idea!

Still with us? Great. Once you have your idea all you need to do is submit it using the form on the right hand side of this page. This is broken down into four simple elements:

What is your company name?

Come up with a great name and I automatically want to find out more; come up with something bland and generic and I’m switching-off before you’ve even started

What is your idea?

Is it a product, or service, a website, or web app, or something else entirely. Whatever it is, remember to keep it simple and make sure you call a spade a spade (if it is a spade that is)

What makes it different?

As marketing guru Jack Trout says if you’re not different then you better have a low price! Tell us what makes your idea stand-out from the pack.

Who is it for?

Who exactly are you going to sell it too? The more you can define a distinctive customer group for your idea the more chance you have of marketing it successfully. NB “everyone” is NOT a good target customer group; unless you have a couple of million to spend on marketing (in which case, what are you doing here)

Some Example little pitches

To help you out, we’ve come up with a couple of Little Pitches of our own:

The English Breakfast Company

The ONLY greasy spoon, that serves great breakfasts (all day), for the Starbucks and Costa crowd (127 characters)


The ONLY hotel chain, where you pay by the hour, for busy commuters and professionals (95 characters)


The ONLY takeway restaurant, that prepares homecooked, traditional English dishes, for working mums and busy families (128 characters)


The ONLY t-shirt website, that lets you design cool t-shirts with your favourite film quote for students and film geeks (135 characters)


The ONLY umbrella, that’s super water-resistant and super cool for urban hipsters and fashionistas (121 characters)

We think you can do better! Enter your little pitch now.



Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy (AREA) is a central ‘hub’ based in the Lord Ashcroft International Business School that develops, coordinates and consolidates all enterprise and entrepreneurship extra-curricular activities across the whole of Anglia Ruskin.

This Involves students at the heart of these activities including, (but not limited to): Be Your Own Boss Seminars; Entrepreneurship Support Programmes and our Business Planning competitions – The Little Pitch and The Big Pitch that provides seed funding and mentoring as part of the university’s student enterprise agenda. And by building on cutting edge research and engaging with external organisations including: SME’s, Public and Private sector organisations will develop a programme that engages students in real life activities.