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The ONLY cosmetics THAT combine colours of the sea, shades of the dessert and a splash of magic FOR a touch of Diversity

by Obatarhe Avwunu on 29/10/2016.

In Dreams Begin Responsibility

The ONLY school diary THAT is inspirational FOR children, encouraging them daily to believe in themselves and their dreams.

by Celina Buckley on 24/10/2016.


The ONLY heated phone case THAT keeps your hands warm FOR everyone who travels early or late hours and even during the day.

by Lauren on 24/10/2016.

Big Picture Landscaping

The ONLY landscaping business THAT recycles glass to create eye-appealing glass chippings FOR city planners and business parks.

by Alan on 24/10/2016.


The ONLY teaching network THAT shares resources and activities FOR all busy educators.

by Joshua Ferdinand on 21/10/2016.

Safe bus

The ONLY tour bus THAT provides shelter, clothing, showers, warm soup and a sense of community FOR the homeless people in Cambridge.

by Yasemin Yildizgoren on 19/10/2016.

Elemental Maths

The ONLY website/app THAT breaks maths down into simple elements FOR everyone who has ever wished to develop their math skills further.

by William Davies on 19/10/2016.


The ONLY machine intelligence algorithms THAT automatically match the best jobs & companies FOR job seekers.

by Antonio Rocha-Ferreira on 19/10/2016.


The ONLY tent THAT protects against extreme weather; accumulates heat in winters and deflects sun rays in summers FOR the homeless.

by Shanen Ahmed on 19/10/2016.


The ONLY app THAT allows users to block notifications (apart from user set conversations) FOR anyone who wants to completely focus on work.

by Kirran Khan on 19/10/2016.


The ONLY online store THAT delivers over the counter medicine & essentials within an hour FOR sick students that are away from their family

by Yasemin Yildizgoren on 18/10/2016.

Travel Buddy

The ONLY travel site/app THAT is a travel planner, tracker, translator, vlog saver and ticket saver all in one FOR todays modern explorers.

by Nathalie on 18/10/2016.

Happy Hampers

The ONLY website THAT sells and sends custom care packs to uni students FOR families and friends of uni students!

by Nathalie on 18/10/2016.

Virtually There Studio

The ONLY virtual reality studio THAT uses virtual reality technology FOR health and wellbeing to develop the concept of Virtual Ecotherapy.

by Emily Godden on 17/10/2016.

The Smart Cook

The ONLY app THAT provides the best recipes with your choice of ingredients FOR everyone who wants to cook easy, tasty and healthy.

by Shanen Ahmed on 17/10/2016.

Tailor Made Coaching

The ONLY tailor made coaching process THAT is designed especially FOR women returning to the workplace.

by CH on 13/10/2016.

Veggie Spreads

The only bread spread company that makes vegan bread spreads taste so amazing that even the most die-hard bacon eater will love them.

by Klara on 10/10/2016.

Indie Student Studio

The Only Student Indie Studio (Code Monkeys), that develops mobile games for casual gamers and non-gamers

by Klaudijus Miseckas on 07/10/2016.

Pocket Snacks

The only snack company that combines natural flavours that all foodies will love.

by Maddie Butler on 07/10/2016.



Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy (AREA) is a central ‘hub’ based in the Lord Ashcroft International Business School that develops, coordinates and consolidates all enterprise and entrepreneurship extra-curricular activities across the whole of Anglia Ruskin.

This Involves students at the heart of these activities including, (but not limited to): Be Your Own Boss Seminars; Entrepreneurship Support Programmes and our Business Planning competitions – The Little Pitch and The Big Pitch that provides seed funding and mentoring as part of the university’s student enterprise agenda. And by building on cutting edge research and engaging with external organisations including: SME’s, Public and Private sector organisations will develop a programme that engages students in real life activities.