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Fashion world

The Only Fashion Company that produces fashion clothings in promoting unity and peace in the world

by AGBETOBA HAKEEM OYINDAMOLA on 30/11/2015. 1 vote

Park Here

The ONLY app that allows users to find parking spaces near their location

by Amira Sultana on 30/11/2015. 1 vote

Eternal Memory

The ONLY company that metal engraves your logo and employee’s photo on a luxurious stainless steel key ring for special corporate gifts

by Petr Maly on 30/11/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY flask that heats up soup and keeps it fresh as the temperature drops, for the homeless to have a chance of survival this winter

by Eunice Raciwu on 30/11/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY gadget that avoids your head to fall while sleeping in planes, trains and coaches, allowing you a nice trip, for travellers

by Alvaro on 30/11/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY app that lets you buy whatever you see in movies and video in your phone just touching what you see, for compulsive shoppers

by Alvaro on 30/11/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY barbecue app organizer that delivers in one hour the food, drinks and everything for your party and split payments

by Alvaro on 30/11/2015. 0 votes

Wish to Reality

The ONLY site that helps make your bucket list wishes a reality for anyone with a bucket list wish

by Nathalie Reeve on 27/11/2015. 18 votes

season’s national syrups

The ONLY syrups for everyone that are made by fellow Anglia Ruskin students, with profits invested to tackle major world crises!

by Douglas Acheampong on 26/11/2015. 0 votes

Push and dry

The ONLY tiny buggy clip that allows you to hold your brolly and protects you from drips, for mums. You ask me why?So I can push and be dry!

by Lisa-Marie dixon on 26/11/2015. 21 votes

Super TEA

The ONLY coffee shop franchise to be that offers an English themed environment for weary travellers based in the UK

by Jonathan Jones on 26/11/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY portable storage device that offers a secure place for passwords and important documents for when people are out and about

by Jonathan Jones on 26/11/2015. 0 votes

A dogs fishing rod!

The ONLY dog lead that lets you pretend your dog is a fish and gives you the ability to reel the dog back in, for dog owners!

by Luke Tomlinson on 26/11/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY app which lists series and their episodes, for ticking off as you watch. For people who need reminding what episode they’re up to!

by Nicola Gillin on 26/11/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY app you can enter your measurements & find optimal clothing fit in high street stores for folk who like bespoke without £££ budget

by Charlotte on 25/11/2015. 38 votes

Found it

The ONLY remote control that pin points the object missing for people who forgets where they put things

by Geneva Mayuga on 25/11/2015. 104 votes

All-round Design

The ONLY company that creates all-round design concepts, from websites to office interiors, for people who like a perfect match

by Klara on 25/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY application that provides a shared car ridesharing community exclusively for ARU students and staff!

by Shakil on 25/11/2015. 10 votes

Social Round Table!

The ONLY foldable table that creates new ideas by being fed information by USB access and exchanged by groups of people

by Estela on 24/11/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY vending machine that provides organic, healthier snacking for anyone that wants to make a healthier choice of refreshment

by Tom Allander on 24/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY product that decides if your trash is recyclable or not, chooses the right bin and throws it in there for universities and offices

by alireza on 22/11/2015. 76 votes


The ONLY judge simulator to practice your advocacy to. For law students and speakers who need the practice without judgment(!)

by Bea on 22/11/2015. 6 votes


The ONLY company that packages cooked and frozen African dishes for Africans and lovers of African dishes

by Angel on 20/11/2015. 346 votes

My OneJacket

The ONLY jacket that uses built in air pockets to adjust for all types of weather for people who don’t want to be caught out by the cold!

by Shoaib Shahid on 20/11/2015. 14 votes


The ONLY wireless pen which can toggle between screenshot, cut & paste, and freehand writing on word docs on touchscreens, for essay writers

by Nicola Gillin on 20/11/2015. 7 votes


The ONLY device that helps nurses and HCA identify any skin damage while conducting BODY MAP on the patients without exposing them

by Angel on 20/11/2015. 18 votes


The ONLY app that helps connect all musicians and singers in a certain area for gigs, events, filming music videos, and just casual jamming

by Esther Amayo on 19/11/2015. 50 votes

Bla Bla Bla English

The ONLY English Language Course that teaches beginners and dyslexics faster and better than any other

by Mark Pierro on 19/11/2015. 5 votes

Dairy-free Baby yogurt

The ONLY baby yogurt that is dairy free and nutritionaly complete to nurture your 6-12 month old baby, for health conscious mothers

by Joshua Barnard on 19/11/2015. 12 votes


The ONLY home decor and interior company that puts a modern twist on classic items for families that like to be a little different

by Ben Smith on 19/11/2015. 5 votes


The ONLY event & designing company that creates events and fashion styles to promote relationships for single people who want to have fun

by chinny jennifer odimega on 18/11/2015. 7 votes

Mamma Bubba

The ONLY photography business that shoots a ‘day in the life of’ for mums and babies

by Olivia Rowbotham on 18/11/2015. 6 votes


The ONLY app that alerts emergency services and contacts with your location at the tap of a button from your lock screen for everyone

by Adam Stanex on 18/11/2015. 10 votes


The ONLY pastel coloured hair dye collection for girls with dark hair who don’t want to use bleach, but still want to keep up with trends

by Sophie Rowell on 18/11/2015. 5 votes


The ONLY app that connects fans of women’s football in the UK, for those with a passion for the sport

by Alex Walker on 18/11/2015. 4 votes

Choose and stay connected

The ONLY marketing firm that offers ethical food producers idea of placing portraits on packages, eg of who gathers coffee beans on pack

by Mariya on 18/11/2015. 4 votes

Your Publishing App

The ONLY app that allows the reader to influence which future book should be published or binned. For the open access publishing community

by Sophie Brennan on 16/11/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY app that scans food items’ barcodes to warn you of your allergies and nutrition levels for foodies

by Aaron Castell on 16/11/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY condom that changes colour when in it comes into contact with STI’s for anyone and everyone

by Thomas Calway on 16/11/2015. 4 votes

Solo booking

The ONLY mobile app that helps employers book staff for shifts at a moment’s notice

by Tolu Petu on 16/11/2015. 4 votes

Horizon Studios

The ONLY game studio, that helps people in need through interactive drama, for students and people with stressful lifestyles

by Tony Baldock on 16/11/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY wearable tech that generates free energy whilst walking or cycling to create a greener planet, for the eco-conscious student

by Sophie Rowell on 16/11/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY 24hr delivery company who deliver items within the hour, for students who need groceries, toiletries, alcohol etc. at late notice

by Sophie Rowell on 16/11/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY taxi company that transports students to their various campuses at a 30% discount rate, for ARU students

by karen kefeyin gamkong on 16/11/2015. 4 votes

Film for business

The ONLY app that allows the user to upload images or short videos of their items or services and organises them into a short promo. For small businesses

by Andy Turner on 15/11/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY usb flash storage device that alerts you upon logging out/switching off your computer, to ensure you never lose vital work or files

by Lewis Greening on 15/11/2015. 12 votes

The Halo Helmet

The ONLY Motorcycle/Cycle helmets that are constantly illuminated for the safety conscious

by Stephen Davies on 15/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY app that is designed to help with revision holding a database of every course, homework, revision assignments, etc. for students

by Jordan Cowdrey on 13/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY thermal portable blanket that can be carried wherever and used whenever for those who want to keep warm. Stylish, small and compact

by charles on 12/11/2015. 3 votes

Safe Environment

The ONLY window icon that encourages solidarity for all by including marginalised groups and ensuring patrons and staff will be respectful

by Natalie Walsh on 12/11/2015. 4 votes

Find Yourshelf

The ONLY book finder app that will help you to find books easily for students anywhere and everywhere

by Rakib Hossain on 12/11/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY website which allows you to have free reign on designing a whole range of tops and sneakers for teens and young adults

by Daniel Mitrovic on 11/11/2015. 3 votes

Braking BikeEnds

The ONLY brake light that links to an app (gps) for cyclists, so other road users are able to see when they slow down

by Alan on 11/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY dating site that is exclusively for ARU Cambridge, Chelmsford and Cambridge University students

by Robert Morel on 11/11/2015. 4 votes

Eco Water

The ONLY system that collects rain water to be utilised in the house in selected outlets,e.g.the toilet or garden hose, for environmentalists

by Michael on 11/11/2015. 8 votes


The ONLY tape that’s edible for anyone and everyone! Perfect for people who love cramming a bit too much filling in their tortillas!

by Millie on 10/11/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY social app that allows anyone to express anger and frustration about social issues respectfully. Bark, don’t tweet!

by Rabbi Deloso on 10/11/2015. 5 votes

How’s my MuDa?

The ONLY app that turns a smartphone into an emergency alarm. It turns phones into instant SOS alert devices for family of vulnerable people

by Rabbi Deloso on 10/11/2015. 6 votes


The ONLY crowdfunding site that collects funding for students who can’t afford to pay for their degrees. An alternative to student loans!

by Marina on 10/11/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY travel pillow that makes travelling with kids fun, safe and easy for families! #avoidwhiplashinjury Approved by Safety Authorities

by Ekaterina on 10/11/2015. 4 votes

Remote controlled suitcase

The ONLY remote controlled suitcase that you don’t have to carry/drag. For any traveller or holidaymaker

by Hannah Chan on 10/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY shopping app that knows your needs and is connected to local grocers, for consumers who want to get what they need anytime, anywhere

by Markus & Karl Luis on 06/11/2015. 66 votes


The ONLY bracelet that expresses you, using real sound for the ones ready to take over the world!

by Adam Mackowiak on 06/11/2015. 1 vote

My pet says…

The ONLY app that translates what pets are saying to their owners

by Ian Tindal on 06/11/2015. 2 votes

StairNav Suitcase

The ONLY suitcase that can be pushed up and down stairs without assistance from another person. For frequent travelers

by Ammar Akram on 06/11/2015. 1 vote


The ONLY student enterprise that delivers chocolate, cake and hot drinks for anyone in the university community

by Kirran Khan on 05/11/2015. 1 vote


The ONLY hair appliances that are installed in Uni toilets for busy students who have experienced the morning rush. No more bad hair days

by Margi on 04/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY uni-provided transport scheme that offers an app to loan a scooter to get you to your lesson. For those who are late to lectures

by Margi on 04/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY app that doubles up as your student ID for students to tap into lectures using their smart phones. Never be absent again

by Margi on 04/11/2015. 7 votes

Talk To Shaps

The ONLY online website that provides in-detail information, merchandise and community about all things sex for anyone interested in sex

by Shapla on 03/11/2015. 6 votes

Madame Kirke’s

The ONLY tearoom that serves afternoon tea and snacks with a Hogwarts theme in the UK. For tourists and activists/students

by Shapla on 03/11/2015. 10 votes


The ONLY cooking app that you input what foods you have lying around and that suggest recipes you can make with it. For hungry students

by Jamie Carmichael on 03/11/2015. 4 votes

Sky Recording App

The ONLY smartphone app that lets you record shows on a Sky box in your house on the go for forgetful people!

by Marc on 02/11/2015. 2 votes

Student Speed Date

The ONLY speed date event that is specifically designed for students at university. Find love at university!

by Hayley on 02/11/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY vending machine that works only with 1p and 2p coins,4 those who are still trying to find a profitable use of them. Be happy now!

by Marina on 02/11/2015. 3 votes

The Reliever

The ONLY underwear that prevents your flatulence from producing noise and also turns the bad smell into a nice odour. Beneficial for all!

by Marina on 02/11/2015. 2 votes

All Sales in One

The ONLY platform that centralises all current sales from stores,4those who love discounts but don’t have time 2 visit all stores @ all times

by Marina on 02/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY app that alerts u when Tesco & The Coop have their super reduced items out in the shelves,4 discount lovers that need to save time

by Marina on 02/11/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY reliable system that alerts you about scams when trying to rent a place from abroad, for all international students!

by Marina on 02/11/2015. 2 votes

Call for meeting

The ONLY easy website that helps to schedule meetings among members of staff and clients, for an organization to achieve particular aims

by Olorunnisola Abiodun Emmanuel on 01/11/2015. 7 votes

The Cinderella Nation

The ONLY maid training service for disadvantaged women in Africa that is free. Only when jobs are provided, profit is shared with the trainer

by Manuela Jessica on 01/11/2015. 251 votes

Gs supplier

The ONLY supplier company that supplies all kinds of agricultural products and other miscellaneous industrial materials for clients

by Olorunnisola Abiodun Emmanuel on 01/11/2015. 11 votes

Uni Life

The ONLY documentary/reality show that showcases different aspects of student life in university for students all across the UK

by Jennifer Okundaye on 31/10/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY app that connects to clothing outlet apps to see exactly how items of clothing will look in variable sizes, for online shoppers

by Jennifer Okundaye on 31/10/2015. 0 votes

Talent and Skills Hub (TASH)

The ONLY web portal for young professionals that links talented and skilled individuals with potential sponsors, investors and employers

by Fred Okpala on 30/10/2015. 5 votes

StudyQuick App

The ONLY App that offers affordable university and professional courses at a faster and more reliable manner for prospective students

by Fred Okpala on 30/10/2015. 3 votes

Casino Rush: RPG App

The ONLY mobile gambling app, that is played in an RPG format, which combines a narrative to real time interactive gambling, for adults

by Andrew Rice on 29/10/2015. 7 votes


The ONLY maid training service for disadvantaged women in Africa that is free. Only when jobs are provided, profit is shared with the trainer

by Manuela Jessica on 29/10/2015. 59 votes

Wheel-D (Wheel direction indicator)

The ONLY coin-like battery-free gadget that counts number of turns of a steering wheel and shows the direction of wheels to assist learners

by Ammar Akram on 29/10/2015. 2 votes

Smart audio guides

The ONLY audio guide that geolocates via smartphone for Routemaster travellers

by Elena Gestoso on 29/10/2015. 13 votes

Babies’ Clothing

The ONLY clothing outlet that sells beautifully and colourfully designed clothing exclusively for babies

by Salome on 29/10/2015. 6 votes

Find your inner dancer

The ONLY dance trainer that teaches diva, sassy & pole dance for those who want to start dancing but don’t know how to go about doing it

by Ryan Blake on 28/10/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY app that connects local companies with students for short internships, for students that need a chance to gain work experience!

by Natasha Killeen on 28/10/2015. 8 votes

Christmas Ideas!

The ONLY christmas tree that comes up when you pull a cord for families with children

by Hayley Cowlin on 28/10/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY creative workshops for people in recovery that focus on selling their art and setting up creative hubs for a sense of well-being

by Georgina on 27/10/2015. 6 votes

Musical Walking App

The ONLY app that syncs your music to your walking speed, for anyone one who listens to music on the go!

by Jonathan Millis on 27/10/2015. 1 vote


The ONLY app that can guess the song when you hum it/only know the beat, for those who just can’t find the words

by Lettie Ndlovu on 27/10/2015. 0 votes

Play-Something School of Music

The ONLY mobile music school/ recording studio that provides affordable lessons for all. ‘Go Play-Something new today’

by Francesca Whitbread on 27/10/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY locker space in Cambridge where you can dump all your uni stuff for £1! for students with HEAVY bags

by Bea on 27/10/2015. 0 votes

The British Accent App

The ONLY British Accent App that will train your voice using pitch recognition- for anyone who wants to improve their British accent

by Bea on 27/10/2015. 0 votes

Destroy Toy

The ONLY cat toy that safely changes shape to keep the cat’s interest, for parents of cats who get bored easily

by Helen on 27/10/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY duvet that provides a different tog rating for each half of the duvet for couples who have different temperature needs when asleep

by Catharine Pereira on 27/10/2015. 1 vote

just one more

The ONLY app that finds a family prepeared to cook one more portion of good food for busy working/studying single people

by Harry on 27/10/2015. 1 vote

Exploring Culture, Education and Discovery (ExCEAD)

The ONLY service that provides curriculum relevant cultural capital trips to boost educational attainment for Looked After Children (LAC)

by Anna on 27/10/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY app that allows you to design your own quick sets of revision notes, for students on the go

by Sophie Jaggard on 27/10/2015. 0 votes

Cheeky Few, Ugly View

The ONLY app that shows you what too much alcohol does to your looks and gives advice for help. For uni students and 18-30’s

by Leanne Mahoney on 27/10/2015. 60 votes


The ONLY app that supports children to control their diabetes for 12-16 year olds!

by Sally Cumberworth on 27/10/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY wearable tech that generates free energy whilst walking or cycling to create a greener planet for the eco-conscious student

by Sophie Rowell on 27/10/2015. 2 votes

Emergency Autonomous Cruise Control

The ONLY automated driving system that safely parks any car for any driver in an emergency situation

by Rachel Dawson on 27/10/2015. 1 vote


The ONLY restaurant that specifies the origins of its 100% ethically sourced foods and meats, whilst paying staff living wage. For us all

by Nicola Gillin on 23/10/2015. 3 votes

Midwife documentation app

The ONLY app that records the time of an event using voice prompt, for midwives in sterile gloves to allow easy retrospective documentation

by Stacey Grant on 23/10/2015. 1 vote

USB- Uni Study Buddy

The ONLY app that allows you to find the perfect study buddy whilst studying at university, for Uni students

by Nancy Da Costa Roberts on 23/10/2015. 3 votes

Sweet Tooth

The ONLY Sweet Shop that delivers to your door day or night for anyone with a sweet tooth!

by Alice Boothman on 23/10/2015. 2 votes

Oh Soh Fresh Laundry Detergent

The ONLY affordable, lightly fragrant, HYPOALLERGENIC, NATURAL washing powder that uses ONE tablespoon per one regular load made for YOU

by Monitrice Turner on 23/10/2015. 4 votes

Concussion Detection Prevention

The ONLY mouth shield that detects concussion by vibrating to prevent further damage for boxers, rugby players and other sport players

by Amber on 22/10/2015. 1 vote


The ONLY app that when opened, by pressing your phone screen for a matter of second, sends alerts direct to the police, for everyone

by Amber on 22/10/2015. 0 votes

Ring of Rescue

The ONLY ring that, once placed in a drink, changes colour when it detects drugs, for females (and males) when out drinking in public places

by Amber on 22/10/2015. 1 vote

Infinite Development

The ONLY social enterprise for youth that promotes volunteering in urban and rural areas by igniting minds, uniting hearts & changing souls

by Ritu Rana on 22/10/2015. 0 votes


The ONLY brand new cartoon series that showcases characters with different psychological disorders and raises awareness about it for children

by Allina Khan on 22/10/2015. 21 votes

The scarf girl

The ONLY online app for girls that allows them to design and order scarfs of their own choice. Special discounts for university students

by Allina Khan on 22/10/2015. 50 votes


The ONLY smartphone app, only accessible by thumb print recognition, that electronically locks the user’s vehicles, for commuters of any age

by Alexander Awe on 21/10/2015. 1 vote

The BIG wish list

The ONLY mobile phone app that groups together all of your online shopping wish lists into one big manageable platform!

by Matt yates on 21/10/2015. 0 votes

House of Hair

The ONLY social media app which links photos of trendy hair styles to salons and stylists which can recreate it, for all fashionistas

by Collet on 21/10/2015. 0 votes

SSS app

The ONLY app that publishes crime figures relating to the areas around university campuses, and advice on Staying Safe, for uni Students

by Amira Sultana on 21/10/2015. 2 votes

Mental health and wellbeing UK

The ONLY organisation dedicated to raising awareness of mental health & wellbeing issues at University, for Uni students

by Amira Sultana on 21/10/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY pure honey/blends (lemon, moringa, cinnamon) sachet that is a healthy sugar substitute for tea and coffee. For use in coffee shops

by IGWE ECHEZONACHI PLACID on 21/10/2015. 94 votes


The ONLY travel app that lets you book cheap flights with just a few easy clicks for students on a budget

by Harry on 21/10/2015. 24 votes


The ONLY app that tells you how busy each club is around you and who is out that night for either quiet or loud people

by Rahim Mohamed on 19/10/2015. 4 votes

The Green Dream

The ONLY house that uses only natural resources to create energy for those people who want to save the planet

by Carlos Latorre on 16/10/2015. 30 votes

Crayon camouflage

The ONLY friendly shaped crayon that reuses your recycled and old crayons for your children to enjoy again

by Siobhan Holmes on 16/10/2015. 5 votes

Modernizing villages through IT

The ONLY company that modernizes rural ASIA from the UK by providing online learning to develop existing resources for unemployed youth

by sumaira n syed on 16/10/2015. 5 votes


The ONLY mixed scent hand & face wipes (eg lime, rose, lemon, strawberry etc) that keep the skin moisturised for dry and normal skins

by IGWE ECHEZONACHI PLACID on 14/10/2015. 195 votes

haviland cooking oil

The ONLY flavoured cooking oil (eg chicken, fish, mixed spice etc) that makes food tastier for commercial and home use

by IGWE ECHEZONACHI PLACID on 14/10/2015. 177 votes

All in one contact lens storage

The ONLY all-in-one contact lens storage that helps to reduce the load of carrying a big bottle of solution for contact lens wearers

by Zaheera B H Bissessur on 12/10/2015. 131 votes


The ONLY training company that runs bespoke business programmes for high school students to broaden their knowledge in the field

by Jordan Dunn on 12/10/2015. 19 votes


The ONLY travel pillow that makes travelling with kids fun, safe and easy for families! Approved by Safety Authorities. #avoidwhiplashinjury

by Ekaterina on 12/10/2015. 10 votes

Safe Drive

The ONLY tracking device that comes with extra braking system and auto control system to avoid accidents for all car owners

by Md Mahbub Alam Khandaker on 12/10/2015. 15 votes


The ONLY UberParcel app that calls your nearest driver within minutes to deliver a parcel ASAP, for everyone

by Zalina Mamedkuliyeva on 12/10/2015. 3 votes

Fire Charge

The ONLY tablet and phone charger that is powered by burning sticks and twigs for anywhere, anytime

by Thomas Calway on 08/10/2015. 2 votes


The ONLY fridge that records all the products’ expiration dates, for all kind of families

by Giulia Bottacin on 08/10/2015. 58 votes

The King’s Wharf

The ONLY restaurant in Canary Wharf that serves the World’s food on one plate for the financial workers and locals

by Zalina Mamedkuliyeva on 08/10/2015. 6 votes

Behind the scenes!

The ONLY app for producers that provides an online market to patent & sell their creative talents bringing behind the scenes to center stage

by Nathan on 08/10/2015. 2 votes

Becks Bows

The ONLY handmade hair bow company that uses all profits for the Anglia Ruskin Sirens Cheerleaders to help them get to competition!

by Rebecca Black on 08/10/2015. 226 votes

The Potter’s Gold

The ONLY creative ceramic business that will get you out of trouble if you break your mum’s lovely vase, for heavy-handed individuals

by Maja on 07/10/2015. 8 votes

Deliver 2 U (D2U)

The ONLY delivery service that will bring you any product at any time for those who have disabilities as well as general users

by Hannah Matoko on 07/10/2015. 63 votes

Supermarket Lunch Lockers

The ONLY easily accessible lockers that store your supermarket lunch ready for pick up for those in a hurry

by Aaron Castell on 07/10/2015. 1 vote


The ONLY application that connects people in the ARU community who want to go running, for those who need motivation and a wider network

by Elia Borras Teixido on 07/10/2015. 1 vote

Clean Meals On Wheels

The ONLY superfood supplier that treats tastebuds with mindful munchies for green gourmets. Satisfies your post-workout and pre-exam needs

by Celina Degen on 07/10/2015. 21 votes


The ONLY Thermometer that displays temperatures in a building / public place on a GPS map for everyone with or without a coat

by Kirran Khan on 06/10/2015. 73 votes


The ONLY nail polish that is able to inform you if your drink is spiked by dipping your finger in it, for teenagers and women

by NAZLI KAYRAN on 05/10/2015. 3 votes

Lecture listener

The ONLY app that listens to your lectures and writes them in note form for students who don’t want to worry about missing anything else!

by Holly on 05/10/2015. 3 votes


The ONLY Personal Drone equipped with money, keys, make-up and tools, that goes wherever you are, for all those who are in an emergency

by Alvaro on 05/10/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY mobile app that saves you from queueing by alerting you to the next turn, for those who need more spare time

by Alvaro on 05/10/2015. 7 votes


The ONLY service for smart women that provides everything you need to make fantastic, organic cosmetics at home; even one-off portions!

by Ana Antecky on 05/10/2015. 4 votes

Cook potato

The ONLY takeaway shop that sells food basics, e.g. steamed veggies and cooked grains, for busy people. Order in the morning and pick up later!

by Ana Antecky on 05/10/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY ice made from ultra purified water, diamond shaped, that cools your drink without adding extra flavour, for those who love luxury

by Alvaro on 05/10/2015. 5 votes

The student minds project

The ONLY organisation that will be dedicated to raising mental health awareness for students across the campus

by Jennifer Todd on 05/10/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY service that tells you if you’ve got your VISA before it comes to your mail, for those who suffer for weeks waiting for their resolution

by Marina on 02/10/2015. 5 votes


The ONLY service that transforms your dull presentations into mind-blowing, for people that have good ideas but don’t know how two convey them

by Marina on 02/10/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY app that instantly recognises and translates any language into yours, for those who are not so good at second languages

by Marina on 02/10/2015. 6 votes

Urine Disease Detector

The ONLY WC tablet that changes colour, helping to determine a variety of urine related diseases, for general users

by Mateo on 02/10/2015. 8 votes


The ONLY app that delivers personalised therapeutic insights for busy people who want to increase their self-awareness

by Kelcy on 02/10/2015. 47 votes


The ONLY real homes that reinforce independence for people with learning disabilities

by Janay Gibbons on 02/10/2015. 4 votes


The ONLY portable storage device that offers a secure place for passwords and important documents for people when they are out and about

by Jonathan Jones on 02/10/2015. 2 votes

Influencial clothing

The ONLY clothing with educational and inspirational quotes available only for students helping to inspire the people of the society too

by salmaan mansuri on 02/10/2015. 2 votes

Sunscreen Shotgun!

The ONLY toy that makes applying sun cream fun for kids, reduces chances of skin cancer in the young and comes with rules & safety googles

by Elliot Roxby on 02/10/2015. 18 votes


The ONLY “internet of things” software that monitors patients health and reports to the cloud for hospitals

by Maximilian Mihaldinecz on 02/10/2015. 5 votes

Total Accessibility

The ONLY mobile app that helps plan & evaluate the accessibility of any journey via reviews/distance/facilities for people with a disability

by Natalie Walsh on 01/10/2015. 10 votes

Travel with Pride

The ONLY travel agent which specialises in sourcing adult only & family friendly holidays for the LGBTPAQ community & their supporters

by Natalie Walsh on 01/10/2015. 14 votes

iStudent App

The ONLY mobile app that links up friends, organises your timetable, maps the room locations by gps & tracks assignment dates for students

by Natalie Walsh on 01/10/2015. 13 votes

HOT chocolate

The ONLY chocolate bar that is healthy and available for the general public

by Fernando Pimentel on 01/10/2015. 5 votes

Power-nap room

The ONLY Uni room that is made for power naps for university students and staff

by Mateo on 01/10/2015. 6 votes


The ONLY app that tells you about mobile speed cameras in one convenient morning text – should you alter route? – for urgent commuters!

by Helena Cheng on 01/10/2015. 5 votes

Hot colour

The ONLY hair dye that changes with the temperature (heat affected coloring) for uni students

by Helena Cheng on 01/10/2015. 7 votes



Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy (AREA) is a central ‘hub’ based in the Lord Ashcroft International Business School that develops, coordinates and consolidates all enterprise and entrepreneurship extra-curricular activities across the whole of Anglia Ruskin.

This Involves students at the heart of these activities including, (but not limited to): Be Your Own Boss Seminars; Entrepreneurship Support Programmes and our Business Planning competitions – The Little Pitch and The Big Pitch that provides seed funding and mentoring as part of the university’s student enterprise agenda. And by building on cutting edge research and engaging with external organisations including: SME’s, Public and Private sector organisations will develop a programme that engages students in real life activities.