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The food stuff shop & restaurant

The ONLY food stuff shop and restaurant THAT specialise in different foreign foods FOR employing non-certificate citizens of those countries to create and sell food.

by Israel Etu on 28/11/2016.

The Big Brolly Project

The ONLY umbrella THAT uses rain and solar power to heat the handle and produce a flow of warm air FOR the homeless to stay warm and dry.

by Laura Brown on 28/11/2016.

Try Buddy

The ONLY app THAT allows you to try something new but not be alone FOR those who want to share the experience of learning something new

by Tatenda Karinge on 25/11/2016.


The ONLY staple foods and food stuffs supplier THAT uses unemployed nationals looking to work FOR creating and selling food in the UK

by Israel Etu on 25/11/2016.

Bath Brush

The ONLY Bath Brush THAT allows you to wash your back fully with exfoliating spinning brushes FOR people who enjoy a relaxing bath

by Tatenda Karinge on 25/11/2016.

Skills For Money

The ONLY monthly subscription service THAT allows you to exchange skills for a service FOR highly skilled, low paid workers

by Tatenda Karinge on 25/11/2016.

Techno Tampon

The ONLY feminine product THAT can detect when a tampon is full FOR women everywhere

by Kat Latimer on 25/11/2016.

CA catering

The ONLY catering company THAT produces high quality food made by convicts FOR events & parties to raise funds to reeducate convicts

by Christhannah Adeniyi on 25/11/2016.

The Sock-Jumper

The ONLY sock and jumper recycling enterprise THAT turns old socks into stylish jumpers and old jumpers into new socks FOR young adults

by Connor Baillie on 25/11/2016.

The Kit Kat App

The ONLY app THAT scans chocolate bars FOR consumers to collect points and win holidays!

by Connor Baillie on 25/11/2016.

Rain Repellent for Glasses

The ONLY clear film THAT can be applied to glasses to prevent water adhering to lenses keeping vision clear, FOR people who wear glasses.

by Laura Brown on 25/11/2016.

Books Read/Researched App

The ONLY web based app THAT memorises via scan or QI code details of every book read FOR students

by Michael Jones on 24/11/2016.

Joy Pad

The ONLY gamer Joy Pad adaptable to both MS X box and Sony PlayStation THAT is cost effective FOR gamers

by Michael Jones on 24/11/2016.

Young at Heart

The ONLY setup ‘one-stop’ shop THAT sells food, plants, flowers & crafts made by the elderly FOR the elderly less able to go out & socialise

by Ming Liu on 24/11/2016.

Encrypted loyalty points card

The ONLY market consumer information (real time) application card THAT collects points from every store purchase FOR all consumers

by Michael Jones on 24/11/2016.

Dirt Cheap

The ONLY fertilizer THAT re-purposes wasted food to create jobs for young offenders to produce a natural compost FOR famers

by Tarhe on 24/11/2016.

Weekly Shopping Hamper

The ONLY weekly shopping hamper THAT uses clean excess food to deliver to your door at a discounted price FOR Young people & convicts

by Victoria Ekombolo on 24/11/2016.

The Cleft Foundation

The ONLY foundation THAT buys worn out clothes, repairs and re-brands them to sell FOR raising funds to support Cleft patients

by Pascal Antwi on 24/11/2016.

Open Source Translators

The ONLY translation group where people translate books and news THAT helps people communicate over borders FOR monolingual people

by Alan Marks on 24/11/2016.


The ONLY urinals THAT convert the waste to fertilizer which helps grow crops FOR farmers.

by Alan Marks on 24/11/2016.


The ONLY ARU social app THAT creates profiles of the users based on their societies FOR like minded students to connect.

by Mulika on 24/11/2016.


The ONLY mobile application THAT marks and scores assignments and projects FOR students before submission.

by Pascal Antwi on 23/11/2016.


The ONLY app THAT shows the food and drinks you should consume FOR students to get the best out of their studies

by Pascal Antwi on 23/11/2016.


The ONLY app THAT reminds you of submission deadlines and planning of upcoming projects FOR students

by Pascal Antwi on 23/11/2016.

The formula app

The ONLY app THAT contains all the mathematical and scientific formulas used in calculations FOR students to complete assignments faster.

by Pascal Antwi on 23/11/2016.

Smart Glove

The ONLY one size lab glove THAT stretches then fits according to hand size without squeezing or loosening, FOR those who work in the lab.

by Laura Brown on 22/11/2016.

Visual Remedies, forgotton memories

The ONLY VR company THAT uses memory enhancing videos FOR sufferers of dementia

by Francesca Nightingale on 22/11/2016.


The ONLY cosmetics THAT combine pigments of melanin with colours of the ocean FOR the daughters of the motherland.

by Tarhe on 22/11/2016.

Mould and Grow

The ONLY Moulds THAT help customize hairstyles and facial hair FOR men to style their hair with ease in the morning, afternoon and evening

by Adam Berwick on 17/11/2016.

The Touch

The ONLY easily manageable hands-free device THAT makes it easy FOR businesses and lecturers to give presentations without difficulties

by Carlos Latorre on 15/11/2016.


The ONLY creative studio THAT uses various mediums to create artistic shouts. FOR people, by a few people.

by Yvonne on 07/11/2016.

Clout a Clown.

The ONLY board game THAT clouts those pesky halloween clowns FOR teenagers and young at heart adults.

by Kat Latimer on 07/11/2016.



Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy (AREA) is a central ‘hub’ based in the Lord Ashcroft International Business School that develops, coordinates and consolidates all enterprise and entrepreneurship extra-curricular activities across the whole of Anglia Ruskin.

This Involves students at the heart of these activities including, (but not limited to): Be Your Own Boss Seminars; Entrepreneurship Support Programmes and our Business Planning competitions – The Little Pitch and The Big Pitch that provides seed funding and mentoring as part of the university’s student enterprise agenda. And by building on cutting edge research and engaging with external organisations including: SME’s, Public and Private sector organisations will develop a programme that engages students in real life activities.